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    Retail Risk 2015    

Shopping Centre Security

17 September 2015  |   Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg

Graham Wright
Consumer Goods Crime Risk Initiative, a business unit of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa
Towards a safer, crime-free shopping environment
Graham Wright is the head of the Consumer Goods Crime Risk Initiative which serves as a national collaboration platform for crime risk matters in the retail and shopping centre environment. Graham will contextualise the crime risks facing this industry through the presentation of current crime incident information across the country and provide an overview of the various initiatives underway whereby these risks might be mitigated and prevented. The presentation will provide insights into the collaboration currently underway between the various business stakeholders and between the government role players.
Nico Snyman
CEO, Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd
Managing retail risk through international standards
Nico will speak on the importance of proper planning and design of a security solution for shopping malls. More importantly, Nico will highlight the crucial importance of designing integrated security strategies according to the best practices contained in international standards such as ISO 31000: 2009 and ISO 9001. Using Internationally recognised standards assists the security team in delivering a world-class service that meets corporate and legislative requirements, keeping customers, tenants, employees and assets safe. Nico will stress that the correct planning and design of security strategies, which addresses people, processes and technology, will allow centres to effectively manage their people and accurately measure their effectiveness, and that of the business's security processes. Security is not only people, processes and technology, it is about being able to measure what they accomplish and continuously improve in the fight against crime.
Craig Donald
CEO, Leaderware
Effective control room operatives prevent crime
Human behaviour expert, Dr Craig Donald, will discuss the processes by which companies can ensure that their control rooms are effective. This includes hiring and training the right personnel, and ensuring your control rooms have the correct processes to allow operators to focus on their jobs and not on filling in forms or anything else that distracts them. Your control room should be all about control, not a social gathering or a meeting place. Craig will highlight how control rooms the world over manage their operators and create an environment that gets results.
Francois Malan
CEO, Camsecure
Making security technology work for you
Francois Malan has years of experience in the installation, configuration and maintenance of security systems in some of the largest shopping centres in South Africa. He has been called in to replace poorly performing systems and install greenfields security solutions. Francois will speak on the best practices many malls forget or don't know about to ensure their security systems and people deliver the service required. He will also share his thoughts of maintenance, remote monitoring and third-party integrations.
Roy Alves
Regional Business Development Manager, Axis Communications
Effective crime prevention requires optimal image quality
Roy Alves launched Axis Communications in South Africa close to two decades ago and has a wealth of experience in the surveillance market. He will focus on the importance of image quality in surveillance applications. Whether it's identifying suspects via facial recognition, licence plates or effective video analytics, you need clear images. The better your image, the more you can do with it. Roy will discuss what you need to pay attention to when making buying decisions to ensure you get the best image quality for your money.
Gus Brecher
MD, Cathexis Africa
Surveillance beyond security
Gus Brecher is a founding member of Cathexis Africa, a South African video surveillance vendor that is globally recognised as an international market leader and has made significant inroads in the local and international market, firstly with its locally designed DVRs and now with its CathexisVision video management software solution. Gus will speak on how retail operations can make better use of their surveillance and video analytics operations to support other areas within the company. Some of the areas he will touch on include marketing (people counting, heat mapping), health & safety, operations (access control/fire panel/alarm panel integration etc.), training, etc.
Clinton Holloway
MD, C-Video Concepts
Lessons learned from the casino sector
Clinton Holloway is an experienced installer and integrator in the casino industry, with many years' experience in implementing security, especially surveillance solutions in various market sectors. Clinton has specified and implemented LPR solutions and is involved in integrating LPR and facial recognition systems into overall security functions. Clinton will discuss the lessons he learned in making security effective, such as adherence to recognised standards and industry best practices. The casino industry has many similarities with shopping centres and forecourts: they deal with a constant flow of people, varied light conditions, large open spaces and customers who want to enjoy themselves and feel safe and secure. They also have high value assets they need to secure. Clinton will also touch on his experience in implementing facial recognition and LPR systems, offering tips, tricks, and some good advice for those responsible for securing shopping centres, malls and forecourts.
Bernard Schäfer
Chair, LPR User Group and Camps Bay Community Police Forum
Making LPR a success
Bernard has been involved in various licence plate recognition (LPR) projects in the Western Cape that produced and still are producing good results, specifically with respect to a reduction in crime. Bernard will walk attendees through the processes a community should engage in, internally and externally to design a functional solution. He will talk about the lessons learned in the process and how shopping centres and forecourts can use this knowledge to ensure their people and LPR solutions deliver the required results. A project of this nature is about more than technology, it requires cooperation between the community, business, the police and the municipality, as well as the effective and timeous sharing of relevant information between all parties if it is to succeed.
Mike Voortman
MD, Verifier
Achieving measureable ROI from LPR
Mike will discuss LPR in the retail/commercial environment, highlighting the dos and don'ts of a successful solution. Specifically, he will discuss the three key elements to implementation of these solutions in order to ensure a decent return on investment for clients, backed with examples from case studies in which LPR has proven its worth.

Morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch will be served.

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